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My life is truly a struggle but you’d never know it because I am rejoicing in The Lord always. I struggle with overwhelming sadness, defeat and insecurities. The devil is always on my back trying to get me to give up, but God… But GOD y’all!!! He is always in my face like a football coach pushing and pressing me to live a greater life than I deserve. He is constantly calling me to more than I am capable of without Him. And despite my shortcomings, He takes all of my weakness and uses it to make Himself look good.

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Rocks My World Tees

I can’t even put into words how excited I get about marriage when I see you all sharing my marriage quotes with your spouses on Facebook. It takes courage to publicly display how much you love your spouse but you guys seem to be full of courage when it comes to telling the world how much you love one another. I look for ways to help us celebrate biblical marriage on social media via the APW Facebook community and in our personal lives which is what spark the idea for the latest APW “Still Rocks My World” designs. I created styles for

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4 items to always buy from Goodwill

I’ve been to the Goodwill twice this week and got my hands on some really nice things which I shared some sneak peeks of on Instagram and then in detail on my other blog Aprons and Stilletos.  When shopping at the Goodwill I always go with an open mind because I never know what I’ll find. I also go with an idea of items I want and need for my home and get very excited when I spot something that will fit the bill. This week I was especially looking for items in four specific categories. With the change of season having just occurred, many people are, like myself,

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Free Thriving Family Magazine

Focus on the Family is offering a FREE Thriving Family Magazine Subscription. Thriving Family™ — is a fresh marriage and parenting magazine designed to help families thrive and meet the needs of Christian families today! Each issue is filled with relevant, valuable and biblically-sound information focused not only on enhancing the parenting journey but also on enriching marriages.  Click the following link to get your FREE Thriving Family Magazine Subscription. To see what else’s you can get for FREE today, check out the Free Stuff category.

Build Your Man Up

Do you find it difficult to find the good in your husband? Does he no longer resemble that awesome man you once loved so deeply? I can recall very clearly a time when Germaine and I were drifting apart. Some of it had to do with us being a young family with four children and lots of responsibilities. However, some of it had to do with us as individuals and how we communicated with one another. The Bible tells us that “life and death are in the power of the tongue” and what that simply means is that you can

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If you receive the weekly exclusive edition of my newsletter then you already know that last week was rough mentally and spiritually. I won’t talk about it again since many of you already read about it, but I will say that prayer is a powerful thing. It will bring you clarity, answers and resolution if you allow God to work in you. I personally like to pray God’s word in a way that makes sense to even a child. I don’t get all preachy and use magnificent words. I just speak Gods words back to him in everyday language. This

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If I don’t tell you anything else I want you to know why prayer and bible reading is so important. You will not be, feel or get closer to God without spending time reading your Bible and talking to God. Seriously…it just won’t happen. God can use a variety of ways to communicate with us because He’s God however, He has given us two undeniable means that will work every single time. God does not desire that our relationship with Him nor the way in which we communicate with Him to be a mystery. In fact, He wants it to

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Love My Husband Pinky n Black tee

We have been celebrating biblical marriage in the APW Facebook community and from the over 200,000 comments left on the discussion, I know the A Proverbs Wife Community is filled with husbands and wives who love one another. I know how much I love my husband and how much he loves me so I added these “I Love My Husband” and “I Love My Wife” tees to the A Proverbs Wife Store. These make great Valentine’s Day gift idea so order ASAP so that you get it in time!! These are limited editions. I LOVE My Husband! (Click to Tweet This)

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Best asset black pj

Have you checked out the amazing tees in the A Proverbs Wife Store? First check out the Husband’s Best Asset pajama set which comes in black and white or pink and white. I am my husband’s best asset (Click to Tweet This) Then be sure to take a look at the Proverbs 31 Wife tees. You can order the “pink & black” or the all “all black” wording. There are several tee shirt styles to choose from including v-neck, scoop neck, maternity and even a Proverbs 31 Wife pajama set. Head over here and check out all of the great

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30 Days of Soul Stirring Prayers for Wives and Moms 250x317 Pre Launch Image

God is doing amazing things in my life through this blog!! Today I’m humbled to announce the official launch of my newest ebook  “30 Days of Soul Stirring Prayers for Wives and Moms“. When I wrote my last book “Remove from Me this Venomous Tongue — How to Stop Destroying Your Family with Your Words“, I was apprehensive and prayerful through every step of the process. It took me months to get it written and edited. It took me even more time to pray and make sure it’s what God was asking me to do. The writing this ebook “30

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30 Days of Soul Stirring Prayers for Wives and Moms 250x317 Pre Launch Image

God is doing amazing things in my life through this blog!! In October I was able to complete my newest prayer devotional and I’m humbled and excited that it will be available on November 27th, 2013!! When I wrote my last book “Remove from Me this Venomous Tongue — How to Stop Destroying Your Family with Your Words“, I was apprehensive and prayerful through every step of the process. It took me months to get it written and edited. It took me even more time to pray and make sure it’s what God was asking me to do. The writing

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10 Reasons Why I Make My Bed Everyday

My home is not super organized but there is one room that I try to keep organized, clutter free and tidy. My bedroom is my sanctuary, a place of peace and space for rejuvenation. One of the things that makes this room being so special is my bed. I’ve taken my focus off projects around the house and made our master bedroom a priority starting with our bed. This year we made an upholstered headboard and I invested in some nice bedding. The next thing I want to do is add risers to make the bed higher off the floor

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love languages

I love to read just as much as I love to write and I especially enjoy books that help me increase my faith and become a better wife and mom. I asked you all earlier this year which books you’d recommend for Christian women and based on my favorites along with your suggestions, I’ve compiled this list. The one book that’s not on the list but highly recommended among these picks is my book Remove from Me This Venomous Tongue: How to Stop Destroying your Family with Your Words. Top 20 Must Read Books for Christian Women 1. The Resolution

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Student School Year Binder

I have yet to meet a women who does not know how to create a to-do list. Many times I find that women are very fluent in the art of creating to-do list…so much so that they even create them for their husbands and children. While we may all know how to jot down a bunch of things on a sheet of paper what I want to know is, “How effective is your to-do list?“ Do you have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day or at the end of the list? Do you even make it

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Organizing a Small Bathroom

While we did gain twice as much bedroom space by moving our master bedroom downstairs we did not gain anymore bathroom space. In fact the size is about the same with way less storage. This bathroom has no cabinets and had only one built in shelf. When we bought the house we hung a 2 tier metal shelf and called it a day. That worked great when this was a guest bathroom, however once we moved down here we had to figure out how we would store our hygiene related stuff. Here are some ideas on how we keep our

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Weathering the Storms of Marriage via www.AProverbsWife.com

Today I can truly say that I love my husband more and more each day I spend with him. Nowadays, we get along with hardly an argument. We do disagree on things like what I should cook for dinner but nothing more alarming than that. It’s taken us some time, self reflection and sacrifice to get to this point but in hindsight it was worth it. My husband and I often joke about how we even ended up married since from the  day we met we were rolling on a stormy sea. I was very argumentative and he was stubborn

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We like weekends to be a fun time for our children. It’s the two days they get to spend the most time with us and we make that time count by intentionally planning activities where we are spending time together. I’m not one to break the bank when planning fun activities for the family. In fact, I try to make it as frugal as possible. Planning a movie night with your family is really fun and it’s really inexpensive it can be as inexpensive as a dollar or as expensive as you decide to make it just depending on what

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Jesus is my Anchor Black

Right now you can grab the “Jesus Is My Anchor” tee in a variety of colors and styles. The Jesus is My Anchor tee shirt is for those of us who have know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus will be our stronghold in times of trouble. It’s for those experiencing a situation so trying they feel like you can’t make it through. I love this tee and hope you do too. I want you to know that the items in my shop have been selling tremendously well and I want to thank you all for that. It’s

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Satan is going to try and wreck your life today. He’ll attack your finances, your marriage, your health and even your kids!! Knowing Gods word and His voice will defeat the enemy. Are you ready for battle? I am and I’ve prayed for you!! We all go through trials and tribulations. It’s a part of life whether you’re a believer or nonbeliever but how you deal with it and prepare for it is what sets us apart. What are doing in your daily walk to prepare and overcome trials in your life?

Biblical Marriage tee

Have you had a chance to check out the new products to the A Proverbs Wife Store? Head over here and check out all of the great new styles designed with Proverbs Wives in mind.

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