How to Deal With Marital Frustrations

How to Create a Hubby Journal?

In today’s video I tackle the topic of dealing with marital frustrations. Marriage can be hard when we do it our way, but God gives us all of the tools we need to create families that glorify Him. Make sure you don’t miss the next video by subscribing to My YouTube channel.   I love chatting with […]

How to Help Your Husband Be A Great Leader

Husband, Ephesians 5, Manhood, Leader, Marriage, Biblical Marriage

Sometimes we have to let go and let God especially when it comes to our husband’s. When we allow God to work on our men, He is able to transform their heart and renew their minds better than nagging could ever do. Put your trust in God and believe that He is able to make […]

Hubby Journal Tour

Hubby Journal Tour #WriteLoveChallenge

Hi you guys! Did you watch my Hubby Journal video? Isn’t that just an amazing idea? I’m so glad I decided to share it with you. It has truly been a blessing and inspiration in my marriage. If you follow me on Instagram under Saidah Washington or ApronsAndStilletos, you know I have a February Hubby […]

How to Create a Hubby Journal

How to Create a Hubby Journal?

I was getting ready to get on YouTube and answer some of the questions you girls have been leaving in the comments when I remembered I never shared my “Hubby Journal” video with you. Those of you who are subscribed to my channel got a sneak peek and have already started your journals. Yay for you!!  I […]

The 3 Relationships You Must Cultivate This Year

The 3 Relationships You Must Cultivate This Year

Last year I challenged myself to come out of my shell and start being more hospitable. That meant cultivating my relationships with people outside of my home, but before I ever got to that point I needed to make sure that the relationships closest to me were healthy. One thing I love about me is my transparency. If […]