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  Easy garden composting is by far is the easiest method of composting that I’ve tried. You already know that I’ve composted using my DIY compost bin but during seasons when I’m feeling lazy, I do something a little bit different. Instead of layering my kitchen scraps in my compost bin, I take them right out to the garden and layer them. This is what I call garden composting. Garden Composting 1. Dig a hole in your flower bed around 7 – 12 inches deep. 2. Pour in your compost material. (See list of acceptable compost material) 3. Add a

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It’s Monday and a new month which means I have several things going on today. Today I get to create some new goals for the month of July. I also get to plan a weeks worth of healthy and delicious meals for my family and choose a new book or two to read for July. In January I challenged myself to read at least one book per month in 2012. So far, I’ve been reading between one and three books each month. In June I read these two and I will share a review of them along with my July

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It’s Monday which means that I’m sitting somewhere cozy with a hot cup of coffee and planning out my week. Before I share my weeks goals I want to share a recap of this weekend. I spent the weekend working on several projects that I’ll share soon. The den and master bedroom remodel is coming together so nicely and I can’t wait until everything is complete. To complete the projects I started this weekend, I had to pick up a few things from the Home Depot and the Dollar Tree. While at the Dollar Tree I spotted the new line

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It’s Monday which means that I’m sitting somewhere cozy with a hot cup of coffee and planning out my week. I’ve already begun working on one homemaking project which was to clean my deep freezer from top to bottom. It turned out to be more work than expected because I went in without a plan. I made some serious preparation mistakes that cost me unnecessary cleaning time so I’ll be sharing to process with you and what I learned so that you don’t make the same mistakes that I did. I have lot’s of homemaking projects planned and some changes

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