Easy Garden Composting | 3 Step Method

  Easy garden composting is by far is the easiest method of composting that I've tried. You already know that I've composted using my DIY compost bin but during seasons when I'm feeling lazy, I do something a little bit different. Instead of layering my kitchen scraps in my compost bin, I take them right out to the garden and layer them. This is what I call garden composting. Garden Composting 1. Dig a hole in your flower bed around 7 - 12 inches deep. 2. Pour in your compost material. (See list of acceptable compost material) 3. Add a layer of cardboard or newspaper. 4. Fill the hole back in with dirt. Like I said, garden composting is the simplest form of composting I've ever done but here is a warning regarding this method. You probably don't want to do this on a daily basis unless you have a humungous garden or more than one garden bed. I've never had a problem but I'm sure that over dumping scrap can attract bugs and  unwanted critters.  It takes … [Continue reading...]