How to Build a Raised Vegetable Box

A lot of people want to grow a flower or vegetable garden this year but may be thinking it's too hard. For me, gardening projects shouldn't be complicated and hard to do. In fact, I taught myself to garden and am going to share a really easy tutorial on how to make a raised garden box. This is not going to be laborious. In fact it'll take less than an hours time and be remembered as on of the thoseĀ fun garden projects. How to Build a Raised Vegetable Box The first thing you want to do before you even begin constructing your raised garden box is get some seeds planted. You can buy germinated plants but I like using seeds simply because it's cheaper per plant and gives me a higher yield. I start my seeds indoors four weeks before I plan to plant them outside. I keep them near a sunny window and rotate them every few days so that they'll grow upright and not slanted in the direction of the window and sunlight. To build my raised vegetable garden box I use a 12 foot long piece … [Continue reading...]