Cheesy One Pot Chicken -

Cheesy One Pot Chicken

This is one of my easy and stress free recipe ideas. I like it because I can basically pull most of it from the fridge and freezer. I also like it because my kids have bottomless stomachs and this main dish seems to make a lot and fill them up. For this meal I use: pre-shredded chicken from the freezer that's been thawed. shredded cheddar cheese. pasta sauce. ricotta cheese or sour cream (depend on what I have in the fridge) pasta noodles (whatever kind I have in the cabinet) I make this just as I would make lasagna meaning sometimes I pre boil the noodles and sometime I don't. (Hey...that's how I do!!) You can check out my official cheesy chicken pasta recipe here but for the most part I do the following. I add everything to a large bowl starting with the chicken, then the noodles. Next I add the sauces (pasta sauce and ricotta or sour cream). Next I add half of the cheddar cheese and mix everything up. Next it gets dumped into a my favorite … [Continue reading...]