is Hiring 1,285 TONIGHT!! – Earn Christmas Gift Money!! opened up their enrollment to 1,285 new members today. If you are out of work, a stay at home parent, a student or just need to make some extra cash, this company will be an excellent resource for you. EDITED TO ADD: When I used from 2005-2010 they offered Amazon and Paypal cash outs  but according to Survey Police (dot) com they've changed over to a reward only compensation site. This means no longer offers the option of choosing Amazon or Pal as of 2011. I did not realize they'd changed and had no malicious or deceptive intent. I will continue to recommend companies that have helped me. If you see something that doesn't match what I've said just let me know and I will update my list. I am a real person (not a perfect person) a wife and mom who pours hours into providing resources to help this community of readers.  I deeply apologize if you've wasted anytime with this company. From time to time I try to recommend some resources I've used to … [Continue reading...]