A #Swagbucks Christmas: April Swagbucks Totals

  Swagbucks is on of the best reward company around. They make it easy to earn reward points and offer great prizes. I have been using Swagbucks for close to three years to pay for Christmas gifts and other items my family needs. This year will be no different. Each month I will update you on my progress. The updates will include information on how many Swagbucks I have, how many I've earned and what I added to my Christmas stockpile. You can participate with me in several ways. 1- Join Swagbucks now and earn and instant 30 Swagbucks. (It's FREE!) 2-Subscribe to my FREE email updates and be notified when I update this series. 3-Track your 2011 Swagbucks progress, post about it and link here each month. Go HERE to learn more about how to participate. April Impact Swagbucks – Earn points. Redeem for rewards! You need 450 to for a Amazon.com gift card. Other rewards include cash, electronics and more! Beginning Swagbucks Balance: 3955 Earned: 1458 Redeemed: … [Continue reading...]