3 Tips on How to Parent With Patience Not Frustration

How to Parent With Patience Not FrustrationParenting is hard and rewarding. There is a lot of sacrifice involved and if I knew what I knew now when I began having children, I would have waited a lot longer.

To be a great parent you have to be a great Christ follower. Raising children takes wisdom and patience, much of which comes with maturity not age.

Over the years as I’ve improved my character, through relationship with God, I’ve become a better mom.

By better, I mean more patient and wiser mom.

I’ve been a mom for over 20 years now and in that time I’ve a learned quite a bit about parenting I’d love to share with you in today’s video.

For your notes, I listed the key points below. I hope you enjoy this video and gain some valuable tips to help you parent with a little more patience and a lot less frustration.

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How to Create a Hubby Journal

I was getting ready to get on YouTube and answer some of the questions you girls have been leaving in the comments when I remembered I never shared my “Hubby Journal” video with you.

How to Create a Hubby Journal? www.AProverbsWife.com

Those of you who are subscribed to my channel got a sneak peek and have already started your journals. Yay for you!! 

How to Create a Hubby Journal?

I have been so blessed by using mine and inspired when I see how you girls have been using yours.

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The 3 Relationships You Must Cultivate This Year

The 3 Relationships You Must Cultivate This Year

Last year I challenged myself to come out of my shell and start being more hospitable. That meant cultivating my relationships with people outside of my home, but before I ever got to that point I needed to make sure that the relationships closest to me were healthy.

One thing I love about me is my transparency. If things aren’t gong well in my relationships, you’ll know it. I can’t put on a genuine happy face when my relationships are in shambles. This character trait is good because it forces me to consistently work toward nurturing my relationships so they remain healthy.

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The Enemy Doesn’t Take Breaks

Happy New Year everyone!! It’s been a roller coaster for me already and it’s only the first week of the new year.

I thought maybe I was going to have a lull in attacks from the enemy, but…hashtag NOT.

The Enemy Doesn't Take Breaks

The enemy doesn’t care about the success of our grand plans and resolutions. He’s come to steal, kill and destroy every good thing in our lives.

So I was just going about my business these first few days of the month and…

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How I Do My Bible Devotions

How I Do My Bible Devotions

One of my most beneficial time investments each day is the time spent studying the Bible.

I always come away from it feeling encouraged, inspired, wiser, stronger and more courageous in my faith. I also come away feeling a sense of conviction and urging to become better for Christ.

There are so many ways you can do your devotion time, but today I will show you how I do mine.

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Goals, Planning, Bible Study and Journaling Challenges

Planning Hey ladies, I am going to hit the ground running in January with lot’s of planning, bible study and weekly goals videos.

My plan is to help you on a daily and weekly basis get motivated, inspired, encourage and intentional about getting our lives in order.

I’m going to share a ton of Bible reading, Bible journaling, goal setting and planning challenges starting in 2016.

Those of you who are on my mailing list are going to not only get blog post, but you’ll get printables, videos, and live chats in your inbox. You’re going to love the content I have planned for 2016, but you’ll need to be subscribed to my email list for all of the exclusive content.

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