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I Have A Date Tonight

Lately I have been approaching my days in a robotic manner. Getting up making breakfast and doing everything by routine the rest of the day. I have been operating this way for a couple of weeks now. This morning something was different. I sensed that I was alone, or that something or someone was missing. Please let me explain. It was like planning an beautiful party, and then having no one show up. I am very organized in scheduling my daily activities, but I think that sometimes I become so engrossed in the doing that I forget to just “Be…..”. Be what? I am so glad that you’ve asked. Ever since I began homeschooling I have been consumed with getting it just right. So much so that I have become like Martha, so busy doing things for God that I forget to just be with God. I’ve become so distracted over the past few weeks, that I’ve missed many opportunities to just sit at HIS feet, and enjoy his presence. Have you ever gotten the feeling that you are doing good but not doing “GOD“. I had that feeling this morning. Call it intuition. I want more then anything to follow God’s call on my life, for myself, as well as for my children. I often get caught up in trying to get through my “To DO” list, and totally forget about God. By the time I think about God I am tired and ready to hit the sack. But not tonight. I have a date with my Man, my Father and the lover of my soul, God. I will light some candles, put on some worship music and give Him my undivided attention.

Your Sister In Christ

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