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How has reading the first 3 chapters increased your interest in the subject matter?

Hadis said:

I have searched the internet to find resources that would educate me on current market prices of the items that I buy. I am very concerned about how I spend my husbands money. I like Mrs. Larry want to be able to have an envelope with my husbands name on it, so that he can begin to do some of the things that he enjoys.

Below is a link for one of the best sources for daily to weekly reports for all kinds of commodity. You can find market prices for anything such as dairy, feedstuffs, fruit and vegetables, grains, hay, livestock, meat, poultry and tobacco. Reports cover both domestic and international markets. http://www.ams.usda.gov/marketnews.htm

Here is a sample report showing high and low prices of all commodities by region http://www.ams.usda.gov/fv/mncs/retail.pdf

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4 thoughts on “How has reading the first 3 chapters increased your interest in the subject matter?

  1. Country Girl At Heart says:

    Fixing the imperfections on a ready made garment is something that I took note of as well Elizabeth.

    As we read I am taking notes and conducting research to relate some of the savings practices mentioned in the book to today’s times.

    Specifically knowing what my grocer is paying for particular items is of interest to me.

    For example If I know that he paid $8.00 for 10lbs of asparagus, but is charging me $3.99 a lb. then I’m not spending my husbands money wisely.

    Knowing this allows me to go directly to the farmers market and possibly get the same if not better deal than he grocer.

    We have a wonderful farmers market and I haven’t gone in years.I stopped going once it got cold and never went back. I’ve been spoiled by the supermarket indsutry with all of thier fancy convienience.


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi All,

    I didn’t know about this until last week, so I’m catching up with the rest of you. I just took a few moments to inhale the first chapter. I’ll skim to the point where you all have read and then go back and re-read the book more slowly.

    I truly enjoyed the first chapter. One idea that I will put into practice is to go over a ready-made garment when I bring it home to fix little imperfections and do little things to make it fit and look better.

    I also liked the idea of learning more about the things you buy directly from store buyers, themselves. They should know how to recognize quality and how much to pay for things.

    I wish someone would write a similar book using examples about today’s fabrics and goods.


  3. I’m definitely interested in reading the book, because I’m rooting for the main characters to see how they figure out frugality.


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