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Please relate something from the book that was particularly resonant for you

Hadias said:

This paragraph stood out for me, when Claire said this to Mrs. Larry;

“I tried to persuade Jimmy to let father loan him a few thousand, just for the good of his career. He accused me of trying to weaken his character. He said I could learn how to manage, if I really loved him. And I told him if he waited until I knew how to manage a house on forty dollars a week, he’d forget how to love me.” Pg.6

This section was particularly resonant for me because I didn’t know how to care for the home when my husband and I first married. I couldn’t cook from scratch to save my life and I was very overwhelmed when I became a stay at home mom. At times I feared that my husband might leave me. These thoughts were a result of my feelings of inadequacy. What helped me was when I began visiting with my mother in law. She taught me a large part of what I know about homemaking and thrift. I guess she’s my very own “Mrs. Larry”.

Also what I found remarkable in chapter two is the way in which Mr. Larry, when faced with having to reduce the company’s debt by ten thousand dollars a year, is able to fall asleep so easily. If I have to reduce the grocery bill by ten dollars I’m up at least half the night.

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4 thoughts on “Please relate something from the book that was particularly resonant for you

  1. HopewellMomSchool says:

    I liked Mrs Larry’s feelings of shame at wasting her husband’s earnings. It hit me so because in my house I am “MR Larry.” As a single mom it gets brutal. Too often I fall prey to the “who cares I can’t pay it all anyway” line and splurge on something stupid. Since doing Dave Ramsey I’ve been trying harder. This book has a better tone. I’m going to link to this from my blog later so others will find your blog and this book! Thanks for posting it!


  2. Near the end of Chapter 3 (around p. 79) when they observe that saving money sometimes means you are sacrificing time.

    That can be so true even in modern times.

    When Mrs. Larry starts to learn how to get a good deal at the butcher’s, it sort of reminds me of how modern women learn how to do couponing or get deals at the drugstores. There’s definitely a system to it, and it’s bewildering at first!


  3. Country Girl At Heart says:

    Nina the point you make is so monumental. Although you have given up one thing (the extra income) you have gained something that is priceless (better stewardship over what you do have).

    When I first stopped working I feared that we would possibly loose our home, have our car repoed and live a life of depravity, but God showed Himself faithful in my life which has increased my faith in Him.

    I have decided to live the rest of my life frugally. I have given up keeping up with the Jones, because I too have experienced the contentment that you are referring to. I believed that the more I had, the more content I would be but it turned out to be the total opposite.

    Frugality allows me to control the things, rather than the things controlling me.

    Thank you Nina. I appreciate your response.


  4. The passage on page 25 which includes the phrase…..”in efficiency there is contentment” really rang a bell with me because I recently quit my part-time job in order to stay home full-time and focus on homeschooling and my family. Because I worked very little to begin with, my income wasn’t much. Still, we are feeling it’s absence.

    And yet, I’m finding great satisfaction in stretching our money in ways that I didn’t have to before. I use leftovers more. I KNOW what’s in the back of my cabinets and refrigerator now. I make fewer impulse purchases. In general, I feel like the less we have, the better stewards we are with what we do have. We lived frugally years ago, then got to a place where we didn’t need to for a while and gradually became very careless with our money. Now that the need for frugality is there again, I can see how foolish we’ve been and as I become more efficient with our money, I also become more content.


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