A Proverbs Wife

What do you like so far about the book? What do you dislike so far?

Milehimama said:

The book is very interesting (once you get through the old fashioned prices!) It was a little jarring to read about the “dago stand with ragamuffin delivery boys” though!

Lawanda said:

I like that it is written with the “romance” to make it more readable. Thought that was cute. I do not like that it is about women who have maids and lawyers as husbands, though. I guess the middle class to me does not involve those types of jobs. Well, I know I should be caring more about thrift. But it is very difficult, like the pp said, in our throw away world… Actually I thought the description of the farmer’s wife p 13-14 sounded so inviting. I want to be that! haha

When Mrs. Larry went to her grocer and attempted to put her new skills to work, and the grocer explained things to her, I felt the futility of the thing as much as Mrs Larry! I feel like everything I learn has an opposing force that cancels it out as well. It can be so disgruntling…

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7 thoughts on “What do you like so far about the book? What do you dislike so far?

  1. Country Girl At Heart says:

    “To-morrow’s my birthday. He asked me to take this back for a birthday remembrance, because it was impossible for him to think of my hand without it. I was to think of it as his birthday message and not as binding me to any promise given in the past. Just as if I don’t want to be bound!”

    She pressed the stone against her lips.”

    This part speaks of the very essence of my love for my husband. The way Claire feels for her man is beautiful.

    It just reminds me of when my husband first began to speak of marriage I wouldn’t give him a definate yes or no but told him I would consider it, knowing all a long that I always wanted to be his wife.

    From the day that we met I just knew. And ever since I accepted his engaement ring I would rub the stone against my lips knowing that I would soon be his.

    I can’t wait until Claire and her man reunite.


  2. Since it was published in 1915, there’s no way the author could avoid “dating” the book. At the time, it was probably very modern!

    I love reading older texts to see how life might have been.


  3. DabookLady says:

    I like how it is written in duel times, too. Although it seems to be dated because of its references it is relevent to the times it is suppose be written in. I think the frugal Mrs. Larry tries very hard to to save $$ and I can relate to the hard work that it is to do…


  4. Anonymous says:

    Interesting book thus far. I try to see the events that take place through the eyes of that time period, & sometimes it isn’t easy!

    Overall, I like how the author has paralleled Mrs. Larry’s search for better goods at a fair price with her husband’s job to do the same for his boss.

    The author presents homemaking as a profession, & the tasks of that profession require foresight, cleverness, grace, & courage.



  5. I like how it is set many years ago. It shows how the importance of being frugal and good stewards of money has always been important.

    It’s interesting to see how things might have been way back then!


  6. Country Girl At Heart says:


    I also enjoy the fact that the author adds the relational element to the writing. And thet fact that she writes from two different relationship view points, the already married Mrs.Larry and the unmarried younger lady.

    I felt so bad for Mrs.Larry when she went and tried to use her newly aquired information on the butcher but was not successful.

    I have been there. I’ve gone to the store and tried to use 2 coupons (store and manufacturer) along with the doubling policy at the store, only to get told some reason why I could not get that many discounts. So I can relate Lawanda.


  7. Country Girl At Heart says:

    I agree MilehiMama. When reading the book you do have to push past some of the outdated references. But once you get past that it is a really great book, so far.


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