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100 Reason’s

Today is Father’s Day and the children and I want to share 100 of the many reasons why we love and appreciate their dad. He is truly a great man and we are blessed by him.

1. He is a Godly man

2. He strives to be better each day

3. He is a man of prayer and faithful service

4. He loves us above all

5. He is dedicated to his family

6. He is a faithful provider

7. He is humble and gives thanks and praise where it belongs

8. He is the smartest man we know

9. He is dedicated to being a life long learner and growing each day

10. He has his priorities in order

11. He rough houses

12. He mows the lawn

13. He changes light bulbs

14. He accomplishes his goals

15. He helps me with the laundry

16. He motivates us all to be better

17. He helps the kids with math

18. He rents movies that we like

19. He buys me ice-cream out of the blue

20. He let’s me know that I am the most important women in his life

21. He led our son to adopt Star Wars as part of his identity

22. He is wise

23. He is focused

24. He cares about others

25. He’s a good role model

26. He buys me chocolate

27. He cooks dinner

28. He doesn’t laugh at our jokes when they aren’t funny

29. He is each and everyone of our biggest fans

30. He’s sacrificed the fast and wealthy lifestyle to make stay at home parenting, homeschooling and our priorities a possibility

31. He sends me to the hair salon

32. He’s 33 and lovin it ( T.T’s idea)

33. He makes us do the things we need to do when we don’t want to do them

34. He’s a good son

35. He’s a good friend

36. He always manages to know the right words to say even when it means saying nothing

37. He keeps our car working

38. He prays when he gets on the road

39. He reads his bible everyday

40. He talked me into getting a big screen T.V

41. He host movie night

42. He demands much of the kids and treats them like people

43. He laughs

44. He drives us 2 1/2 hours to grandpa and grandma’s so we can spend the weekend even after working all day

45. He drives us to our different activities

46. He waits for me while I shop for plants at the garden center

47. He gets up and goes to work every day

48. He gets up on the weekends to spend time with us

49. He has airplane flying contests

50. He plays games we like to play

51. He gives the kids freedom when I pull the reins too tight

52. He pulls the reins tight when I give them to much freedom

53. He gives horse rides throughout the house

54. He buys them Krispy Kreme

55. He prays for them every day

56. He demonstrates his faith in everyday life and in the little things

57. He is involved in our church

58. He is a good friend

59. He lives a healthy lifestyle

60. He’s a good father

61. He helps me reorganize the furniture

62. He got me to start working out

63. He keeps us up in politics

64. He is concerned about our community and our local politics

65. He volunteers

66. He is generous with his time and money

67. He is thankful and teaches the kids how to be

68. He is self-sacrificing but in a genuine and good way

69. He makes us watch the History channel

70. He is our hero

71. He loves long drives

72. He is spontaneous

73. He has adopted and embraced and encouraged homeschooling

74. He takes care of us when we are sick

75. He won’t let things slip in our home even when it means he gets little free time

76. He walks the walk louder than he talks the talk

77. He makes nearly every decision with our entire family in mind

78. He believes in our kids

79. He believes in me

80. He believes in himself

81. He is an optimist

82. He is genuine

83. He keeps his word

84. He’s responsible

85. He does what needs to be done and does it

86. He drives a mini van with one window that doesn’t work.

87. He spends many hours on the road to support our family

88. He works some holiday’s and Saturday’s without complaint

89. He grills each summer

90. He is patient

91. He teaches them to love life

92. He teaches them to love the Lord and have a faith of their own

93. He keeps us at a good church even when it can be hard

94. He models good behavior

95. He is honest

96. He forgives and truly forgets and keeps no record of wrongs

97. He is kind

98. He is fun

99. He is the kind of person you want to be with all the time

100. He is a husband, father, friend and man of God all rolled into one.

Thank you G, for all you do for us. You truly are a great father. We are blessed by you. Love Your wife & kids.

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