A Proverbs Wife

7 Whole Days

My children were gone for the last seven days and the time that I thought I would enjoy without them actually made me miserable. I missed their smiles and their hugs goodnight. I missed the sound of their voices and their laughter. I was fine the first two days but by day four I was counting the minutes until they returned.

I am not overbearing when it comes to giving my children time away from home. I love for them to go on day trips or play dates with friends for a couple of hours. It’s just the extended trips. I missed them because I have no life outside of my children everything that I do is focused around the life that we share together. When they are leave, a large part of my purpose goes with them.

God fashioned me to be a wife and mother. I am very happy being a mother and I understand that it is what I was designed to do.

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