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Home "SCHOOL" Year Is Done

We have officially finished our first year of homeschooling. My two homeschoolers have a been promoted to their next grades and I will have three homeschoolers next school year.

All of the children have worked so hard this year. They have put forth 100% effort in all of their subjects even the ones that they didn’t like. Each child has matured in their God given talents. My oldest child is improving on her ability to write clear and understandable essays, book reports and short stories. She is a whiz in Algebra and learns new math concepts very easily. Her acting abilities are phenomenal. She has participated in a theatrical production this school year and I hope to get her involved in some next school year as well. She works very well with children and has used that ability to cultivate her entrepreneurial talents by marketing herself as a babysitter. She has a few babysitting jobs lined up this summer.

My second oldest is very inquisitive. He has a natural love of learning. He especially likes to learn how things work and what causes things to happen. He loves to experiment and learn new things. He is a great reader. His reading skills have improved greatly since the beginning of the school year. He is able to read and understand books two grade levels above his. He loves to read books that teach. His Bible is his favorite book and he is known for saying “The Bible teaches me how to live”. He reads many different versions and learns something new every time.

I am very proud of my children and very proud of myself. I know that my children are proud that I am their mother. The one thing that I think they’ll remember most about this year is how much time their father and I spent with them, showing them how much we love them and also how important they are to us. I really thank God for making me apart of this family. I thank him for the wonderful man that I am sharing my life with and for the awesome children that he has given us to raise.

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3 thoughts on “Home "SCHOOL" Year Is Done

  1. How old are your children?

    How many of the lessons are you able to do a day?

    Finally, are your children able to work somewhat independently on the lessons? The lesson plans I have read make this program look pretty teacher intensive. that has me worried. ?


  2. Country Girl At Heart says:

    Hey Heather. Thanks for your comment. The answer to your question is ” I love it”. I’ve reviewed the curriculum from kindergarten through Twelfth grade, and it covers all of the standards for my state and then some. It’s easy to use and has a teachers guide. It can be printed and placed in a binder or completed online for 3rd-12th grade. I hope this answered your question.


  3. hey,

    congratulations on your incredible work. how has the CIMT math been working for you?


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