A Proverbs Wife

My Love

I want to take time to express how special my husband is to me. I look back over the time that I have spent being his wife and am convinced that marrying him is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have become a better since marrying him. He is made so differently than I am. He handles things differently than I do.

When I married my husband I was a very bitter and angry person inside and had a hard time trusting people. I didn’t truly trust my husband at first either. But all the while he was patient with my fears and my faults. He was gentle when I needed guidance but firm whenever I rejected it. He is a man that loves the Lord. He is the next best thing to Jesus Christ.

What I admire most about him is his love for the Lord and the delight he takes in the word of God. He is truly submitted to God. He loves me as he loves himself. He dwells with me with understanding. He has a humble attitude when he is right and I am wrong. He is humble when I am right and he is wrong. He doesn’t think more highly of himself than he ought. In a nutshell he puts my needs before his own. He is a giver. I love him more each day. I am glad that God has chosen him for me and me for him. He is mine and I am his.

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