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Stuck In The House

Today it is rainy outside. I spent the early part of the morning mapping addresses for my husband while T.T. prepared the children’s breakfast. She prepared breakfast yesterday as well. Yesterday it was pancakes from scratch. She has finally mastered flipping them, and I am pleased. And today it was cereal.

Me and the kids have just been surfing youtube.com all morning. We looked at tornadoes and hurricanes. It got us talking about their father dreams of one day becoming a storm chaser. We looked at footage of some actual chaser in the field. The children wanted to know why someone would want to go into an area where a storm is forming. I had no idea since I have no desire to chase storms. I told them to ask thier father.

We will spend the rest of the afteroon working on a Father’s day blog titled “100 reasons why the children and I love their father”. I am anxious to here their responses. Yesterday was a great day. I surrendered to God and didn’t lose my patience with my children.

“Correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.” 2 Timothy 4:2

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