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I recently read a blog called “Submission” (this article is no longer available online), and the writer hit the nail right on the head. Supportive scripture’s were used, in context, when referring to the wife’s role of authority in the family. It seems as though many women struggle with the idea of submitting to their husbands. I, myself have also struggled with this very issue. Years ago I refused to submit to my husband, and the state of my marriage was a testimony to my rebellion. I was not happily married, nor was I modeling the Titus 2:4-5 women as an example for my daughters.

Once I made a commitment to surrender, my life changed. Daily the Holy Spirit worked in me, making me humble and obedient. On my journey to submission I learned that, not only had I refused to submit to my husband, I wasn’t submitting God either. My refusal to submit was a direct result of my relationship with God. I did not trust that God or my husband had my best interest in mind. I believed that they were out to hurt me. By surrendering I became a better wife and mother. Surrendering to God’s idea of a wife, allowed my husband to become a better husband. I allowed him to freely operate in his role as head of the family. I began to trust his decisions, which in turn made him trust God even more. Submitting has allowed my husband to demonstrate, to me, his ability to hear from God and lead our family.

My husband has rarely abused his authority, as I had feared that he would. His decisions demonstrate to me that he truly loves me as he loves himself. The time that I wasted rebelling only nurtured my fears. The decision to submit was accomplished by God and has increased my faith.

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