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The Steps of a Righteous Man…

I have been teaching elementary Sunday School at my church for nine months and each week it is a challenge. The teaching part is not so challenging it’s the leadership part that I am unskilled at.

I teach the class because I enjoy working with kids but I see now that I am responsible for more than just teaching lessons. I am responsible for implemeting and checking on my helpers and all. I have to make sure that we have the necessary supplies from week to week, I must check in on my class to make sure that my helper is there on her Sunday, I have to plan in advance for special holiday activities, there are so many decisions that need to be made and I don’t have the answers but I have the responsibility ….aaargh!

I realize that I am in unfamiliar territory. I have never lead anything but my household. I know that God has called me to teach, but to lead…wow! I am responsible for my class and I am going to need God’s help. I must continue forward on my knees because I accept, with much trembling and humility, the roles that God chooses for me.

“Father I don’t know all that I need to know to feed your lambs. I don’t know of my own mind what to say or do, but if you will allow me to be your tool I am surrendered for your use. I take Your calling on my life very seriously.

This past Sunday was a wake up call for me. I had been trying to give only what I was comfortable with, which was the ability to teach. But you have called me to so much more. You have called me to be a shepherd for your lambs. Their parents and the elementary department director are looking to me concerning their children and that is a great responsibility. Above all you are looking to me and I want to be of good service to you. Help and guide me dear Lord.

I thank you in advance for ordering my steps and directing my paths.”

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