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Charlotte M. Mason

The school year is about to begin and I’ve just finished the children’s 36 week lesson plan. Last year I created my lesson plan based on our state’s standards for each grade. By the end of the school year the children had met each standard. But I knew that the state standard was not the standard that God had in mind when He blessed me to home school. So this year, with prayer and careful consideration, I’ve taken a different approach.

I’ve just completed a lesson plan for the entire school year based on the education methods of Charlotte M. Mason. Her philosophy is something I had begun researching during the 2006-2007 school year. I didn’t implement her style of learning initially, because it seemed odd compared to they way public schools educate students. For one there were no textbooks only literary work which would be used as text books. In my mind,as well as in the mind of my husband, this method was foreign. It broke the rules of everything that we had known to be the format for educating. I had spoken to a few homechool parents and most of them said that they taught from some form of text books. They also said that they were very involved with the teaching of the information.

This is something that I found to be time consuming with four children ranging in ages 13-3. I found myself teaching a separate lesson to my oldest, another to my second oldest and then another for the two youngest. Using Charlotte Mason as a guide my two oldest should be able to work more independently this year. I’ve also planned their lessons so that their learning coincides, meaning they will both be studying the same topics just at different age levels.

A am very glad to know that my families steps are ordered by the Lord and that He has a plan for our lives. I am thankful that he knows our needs before we even ask.

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