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Homeschooling: Year Two

As August swiftly approaches I can feel my anxiety mounting. I am as ill prepared this school year as I was the last school year. I see so many magnificently elaborate school schedules and I am impressed by the detail and organization of it all. By no means am I unable to plan and organize a schedule for my children’s school year, but each time I try to create a lesson plan longer than two weeks, I become anxious and overwhelmed.

I don’t know what it is with me. I am very meticulous, and I love to plan in advance, but when it comes to Homeschooling the long term planning is so time consuming. I basically know in my mind what I want to teach and have taken the text books and have divided the chapters evenly throughout the school year, but to put this all down on paper simply torments me. It’s as if once on paper I will not be able to make any changes.

The two week schedule worked out great last year, I was just hoping to graduate to a lengthier scheduling system. I wanted to lengthen the schedule in order to avoid having to create a plan every two weeks. You know, the same thing has been the case in my quest to complete the task of Once A Month Cooking. I just can’t seem to get more than two weeks of freezer meals completed at a time.

I am humbly learning how to educate my children. I am learning just as much each year as they are. I am anxiously awaiting year two of our Homeschooling.

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