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July at Our House

We have learned, explored, discovered and amazed ourselves this month. We have tried some new things and have done away with some of the old. I have put together a photo collage to display our month so far.

Below you wil find an unidentified bird that has been visiting my deck the past two summers. A picture of my first homemade cake. I baked the 1-2-3-4 cake recipe that I found at Hillbilly Houswwife.com.

My husband and I took the children to a double feature at the drive-in. It was a wonderful experience to be out doors wacthing movies.

My oldest son wanted to learn about pine cones so we studied them for a week and learned that pine cones are actually fruit. Who would have guessed?

We have also been studying insects in their natural habitat and below you will see a bug that crossed our path while we were outdoors. It has not yet been identified.

The book that got us interested in spiders is Charlotte’s Web by E.B.White. (below are two unidentified spider’s)

This also led to my 13yo creating a “Safety Book of Poisonous Spider’s”. She included and illustration (below) as well as tips to stay safe in areas where spiders may be hiding.

I included a sketch of my 13 year old Arachnologist, a person who studies spiders, as well as a few sample journal pages.

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1 thought on “July at Our House

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think you may have Long-necked Seed Bug (the unidentified critter on your slide show!). Or, if you live in Florida, perhaps it’s the Banded Long-necked Seed Bug. That particular type varies this way…”its fourth antennal segment is black with a broad yellow ring.”

    We like insects & spiders here, too! Always something to watch for & discover!



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