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"So, What Made You Decide To Homeschool?"

I often get asked the question “So, what made you decide to home school?” I always use it as an opportunity to talk about my faith. The conversation usually goes something like this:

Friend: So what made you decide to home school?

Me: I decided to home school so that God could be the foundation of my children’s education. My husband and I wanted an education that lined up with God’s purpose for their lives.

Friend: Why not send them to Christian schools?

Me: Christian schools are a better alternative to public school, but the benefits of home schooling the children outweigh the option of a Christian school.

Friend: Like what?

Me: Home schooling allows me to focus more purposeful attention on their spiritual, academic and social growth. It gives me the opportunity to guide them as individuals into discovering their God given abilities. I am able to nurture those abilities and guide them into using them for God’s glory. Also, I am able to identify areas of weakness and help them to overcome obstacles through faith in God’s word.

Friend: Wow, I have also been trying to find an alternative to Public school. Talking to you has opened my eye’s to some things that I did not know.

Me: Well, Friend, begin by praying for God’s guidance to help you make the right choice for your family.

The choice to home school in my household is not set in stone. We are still taking it year by year.

My oldest child was in the 6th grade when we decided to HS. Peer influence in that grade is so great.Trying to be a Christian teen surrounded predominately by non believers, ten hours a day five days a week, is hard. She did not understand the scripture that refers to being “unequally yoked.” She thought that she could be friends with non believers and still be a believer.

Since HS’ing, my oldest daughter is a happier person who has grown in her understanding of God’s love for her. She has regained her focus and is excited about the plans that God has for her.

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