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Activity Areas

I have put together activity boxes that I can just pull out for the littles to do. I put together 6 of them so far and they’ve been working great. I place them on the floor in different areas of our school room/dining room and the children get to play in each area for 5 minutes, then they must move on. It takes my two youngest children 30 minutes to complete each area. This is a little over the amount of quiet time needed for my two oldest to work on math. At first the children were allowed to stay in an area for 10 minutes, but they began to complain that they wanted to move on. So I shortened each area to five minutes. My goal is to complete 12 “Activity Areas”. Six will be used at a time and switched out every week. Today I wanted to share some of my ideas.

Activity Boxes:

Tracing Box-Paper, things to trace, outline of shapes.

Building Box-Large and mini lego pieces

Stamping Box-Stamps, paper, stamp pads, cards, bookmarks.

Car Box-Mini race cars, trucks and motor cycles

Book Makers-Papers stapled for books, shape cover outlines, story starters, magazines, pictures.

Soilder Box-Multi-colored toy soilders

Color Books-Colored paper, magazines, pictures. (Cut out pictures and glue them to correct color page)

Playdoh-Playdoh, rolling pins, cookie cutters, plastic knives.

String Things Box-Filled with lacing boards, Stitching boards and yarn.

Nature Box-Leaves, rocks, sticks, magnifing glass, notebook to draw things.

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3 thoughts on “Activity Areas

  1. The Momma says:

    What a great idea! I was just trying to think of things the 2 and 5yo could do while the 9yo was working…this will be fantastic! Thanks for the ideas!


  2. Great ideas. Unfortunately mine would get to the playdough box and then refuse to move on lol


  3. These are excellent ideas! I am going to have to borrow them. Thank you!!


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