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And You Say You’re A Christian

What difference does it make to you that the example of your lifestyle drives people away from the Church of Christ?

And for the Church of Christ that you profess to believe in,how much have you done for it?

You say that you are a Christian but only attend church occasionally and when you do decide to go to church after clubbing all night Saturday, you are saturated through and through with all of the mess that you’ve poured into yourself all throughout the week. You go into church with a chip on your shoulder as if you despise this one day the most out of the whole seven.

You criticise the prayer, the music and the sermon, then drop into the collection plate less than half the amount you spend during the week on hair, nails and a new club outfit and think that you have done your duty as a Christian.

And you say you’re a Christian. You say you believe His blessed teaching; you say that you believe in prayer; but in the face of all of these professions you turn your backs with indifference on the very things He commands and run with fervency toward the things which He despises. Such as drunkenness, immodesty,sexual immorality, greed and selfishness.

If Christ were to come today; He would say “Woe unto you, hypocrites! You have crowned yourselves kings; Not Jesus Christ”

Woe unto this crooked and perverse nations that claim to be called by His name yet defile themselves with their entertainment and greed.

Beware of the false prophets, the ones in sheep’s clothing that come to lead the lambs astray. Those who are His will know His voice.

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