A Proverbs Wife

Menu Plan Monday


Raisin Bran & O.J.


Roasted Whole Chicken, Rice, Gravy, Stuffing, Italian Green Beans & Iced Tea


Baked Oatmeal

Spaghetti & Chocolate Milk

Creamy Mushroom & Chicken Casserole w/ Double Chocolate Cake


Pancakes, Syrup & Apple Juice

Homemade Pizza

Baked Ziti, Italian Green Beans & Iced Tea


Grits with Cheese Casserole & Chocolate Milk

Lentil Soup

Fried Chicken, Salad, Chick Peas & Iced Tea


Oatmeal & Tea

Mac & Cheese

Grilled Turkey Burgers, Oatmeal Cookies & Iced Tea


Oatmeal & Milk

Leftovers or Beans with Onions & Rice

Turkey & Cheese Hoagies with Juice Drinks


Pancakes, Sausages & O.J.

Lentil Soup

Pizza, Garlic Bread & Iced Tea

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1 thought on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. You are probably going to get tired of my pesky questions but could you please share the lentil soup recipe? I love lentils! And a freezable soup would be so handy. Tips on freezing would also be helpful. Thank you so much for blessing so many


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