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Why Do You Homeschool?

    A growing number of parents are deciding to homeschool their children and there are a variety of reasons for this. My reason for home schooling was due to the lack of moral character development in the public school system. I decided to homeschool when my oldest child began the seventh grade. Some, of the many, situations that helped me to make the decision were, an incident when a seventh grade boy was expelled from school for sexually harassing a female student. She reported that the boy shoved his hand in her pants.

    Another situation was when a group of both boys and girls were expelled for having marijuana in their locker. I live in “the best” school district in our state in reference to academics. But it’s not simply about academics for me. I believe that environments help to shape who you are. And as a parent, I want to provide the best environment for my children. This is why I homeschool.
     I  have the luxury of home schooling my children and providing an environment free a drugs and sexual innuendo. They’ll have plenty of time to face those situations when they are young adults in college and at work. But by that time they will have, by the will of God, developed the moral fortitude to abstain from external pressures in our society. With my children being at home prayer, Bible reading, moral courage and character development can be taught right along side of reading, writing and arithmetic. The former are the tools that I want to give them to help them deal with the pressures they will face in life.
     If you are a home schooling family or are considering home schooling, please leave a comment and share  why.

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3 thoughts on “Why Do You Homeschool?

  1. While we are currently trying the school system I am open to homeschooling as an option in case the school system simply is not a good fit for our children or our family values.


  2. Initially I considered it to provide a better education. Our district has the label of being “one of the best” but they are merely teaching to test. In the process of making the decision I realized how much I would be strengthening my bind with my children, and my family’s bond over all. And being able to weave God into the fabric of all of our daily happenings is the greatest benefit of all. 🙂


  3. Those are some of the same reasons for me… plus, we have a child on the autism spectrum and it just wasn’t worth the effort of trying to make the school follow the law for him.


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