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Blogging 101

I have read hundreds of post and have viewed thousands of pictures online. I have read blogs of people who have had to remove their blog page because they had posted too much information…which resulted in someone that accessed their blog trying to contact them. My teen and I have a blog, and am very cautious about what we post on our blogs. I do allow images but the rules for images are that they cannot view faces or written words.

I just read an article called “Telling to Much” by Ebony Mommy where she posts about parents who place school and team bumpers stickers on their cars that display the children’s names. Is that dangerous or what?

There are many avenues available for us to broadcast information today…especially with the advancement of technology. But remember that with those advancements comes a danger. We need to take precaution in what information we display. There are not people simply preying on teenagers, like the ones you find on Dateline’s “To Catch a Predator” . All kinds of people view our blogs. And if we allow it to, our blog can become an open invitation in to our homes.

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