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Every Moment Matters

A friend asked who had sketched this drawing, so I began searching the internet. This is what found. The print is titled “Every Moment Matters” created by John Nelson. The print is a commemorative work of art created by Mr. Nelson, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the “2003 Black Women’s Health Imperative

According to the Black Women’s Health Imperative the “Washington, D.C. native, John Nelson, is completely self-taught. His style is marked by extremely detailed renderings that capture moods and emotions most other artists can only hope to imitate. His natural talents give him the ability to bring out a depth and warmth that has enchanted critics and art enthusiasts alike. What makes Nelson’s drawings unique and vastly different are that his drawings project a personal nature using a three dimensional effect that you simply have to see to believe. For more than twenty years, Nelson has worked diligently to master his gifted talent by expressing, in pencil, deeply embedded spiritual experiences and involvement with people.”

“An incredibly detailed pencil drawing of a young Black woman
tenderly kissing her infant child.” Black Women’s Initiative 2003

A signed framed print sold for $150.00 and unframed for $65.00 in 2003, if bought through site. If purchased through the studio the cost was $80 unframed and $170 framed in the studio.

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4 thoughts on “Every Moment Matters

  1. I have always loved that picture, since I first started coming to your blog. It is beautiful, and the title fits it so well!


  2. Country Girl At Heart says:

    Thanks for stopping by guys. I love this picture as well. There are some moments that we won’t be able to relive. Our children grow older and we can longer hold them in our arms this same way. But this artist has truly captured the tenderness of a mother towards her child.


  3. Thank you for sharing. I love beauty and this is beautiful and tender.

    God bless,


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