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Homeschool Year 2, Week 3, Day 15

Today is day 15 of our second year of home schooling. It’s been a tiring but great week. We spent all of yesterday on Geology focusing especially on minerals. Questions that we wanted to answer were, “What are minerals, where do they come from and how they are excavated?” I created a lesson using activity number 4 from this web site. I also used this blog post as a guide. I read and compressed all of the information from this web site and asked the kids the questions listed above. They were familiar with the idea of minerals I simply wrote alternate terminology on the board. For example instead of digging for minerals I noted “excavating minerals”.
Activity #4

Rules: Each miner gets $19 to purchase one piece of mining property (baked oatmeal of varying sizes)

$7 large
$5 medium
$3 small

Each miner must purchase mining equipment

$6 paper clip
$4 tooth pick
$2 straw

Student must mine their property for raisins

Each mined whole raisin is worth $8
Each half raisin is worth $4
Any un mined pieces larger than (we used the area of 9 x 9 boxes on a graph sheet) are subject to reclamation fees which are $1

Students are allowed 20 minutes to mine their “oatmeal”. Players that finish before 20 minutes only use the actual time spent to calculate mining cost ($1 per minute)

Profit Calculation: Revenue (raisins mined at $8 each) minus Cost (property, tools, mining and reclamation cost) = Profit


Miners do a very dangerous job in order to make a living. They also do it because their is such a great demand for the earth’s precious resources. Please remember to pray for those who have lost their lives due to mining, surviving family members, as well as those who are currently employed as Miners.


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3 thoughts on “Homeschool Year 2, Week 3, Day 15

  1. what a cute idea. and a great lesson. I am starting to do homeschool with my daughter Hannah and my nephew, next week. I have scoured the internet for ideas and will be adapting this for my preschoolers.


  2. My grandfather was a coal miner in KY. He had a tattoo of numbers on his arm and I never knew what they were for until recently. If he died, they could identify him. I’m glad he lived a long life!

    God bless,


  3. There are lots of miners in my state, and it is VERY dangerous. What a great lesson. Isn’t Red so inspiring?! 🙂


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