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Lazy Lasagna

I am pooped. I’ve just returned from taking all four of my children to the dentist. We were in and out in 45 minutes. This was all after a full morning of school. We took our Literature, Nature Study Reading and Bible Story with us. The two older children read quietly while we waited to be called. The two younger watched a video and played. No Cavities for anyone. Woo hoo. I am doing a really great job of having them brush twice a day. I haven’t mastered the daily flossing routine, but I am trying.

Anyhow I am cooking (aargh!) Lasagna tonight. Since my sixth wedding anniversary was this Saturday…which was also my Cook Day…I don’t have any prepared meals. So what does a girl do when she doesn’t have any freezer meals?…Order Pizza (Yesssss). Wait no…what I do is stick to my menu and find the simplest recipe I can find. I headed over to Mrs.Pear…(she never let’s me down)…and viola. Right there on her main page was a recipe for Lazy Lasagna. Mrs. Pear is the Queen of recipes and freezer meals.

Well guys like I said…no meals in the freezer…so I have to get off of this computer and get cooking. Enjoy your evening.

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