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I am currently reading Housewifery by Lydia Ray Balderston. I’ve just begun reading the section on organization. The following is and excerpt from the book describing the role that a housewife plays in keeping the home in order.

“In this business of housekeeping, the housewife must learn to organize. In business one of the most important principles of organization is a definite plan of work. This is just as necessary for the housewife in organizing and arranging the affairs of her household as for the business man.

Schedules: As the housewife becomes more and more proficient, she is better able to map out working schedules or plans for various tasks about the house. No one knows how
much time to plan for a task until one has done it, and it is by just such planning and then checking of the plan by doing, that the housewife becomes a better business manager both of her own time and of her household employee if she has one. “

After reading this section there were some accompanying assignments.
1. Draw two plans of your own kitchen and one other you know. Compare them from the viewpoint of ease of doing work.
So I decided to try number one. I began by drawing a plan of my kitchen in my mind. Then I quickly visualized my dream kitchen. By comparing the two from the viewpoint of ease of doing work, I realized that my dream kitchen would actually increase the time it takes to complete certain tasks.
Upon completing questions 2 and 3;
2. With the plan of your own kitchen, trace by dotted lines the journeys taken in making apple sauce and preparing for serving.
3. Modify the plan of your kitchen so that it will be a workshop with few steps and lessened labor.
I was able to save a few steps, by moving my utensil drawer, thus lessening the labor output while working in my kitchen.

Try applying these questions to your kitchen and see if you can find any ways to make the managing of it a little less time consuming.

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