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Saturday Mornings

Tips for families with early morning risers.
    On Saturday mornings my husband and I would love to sleep in. The only thing preventing this is the fact that our children get up and expect breakfast on the table the moment they open their eyelids. I found a really helpful tip from a book that I am reading. I read that on Friday nights I should place a baked item or a bit of fruit on the kitchen table or counter before bed. Only a small piece. The piece should be wrapped carefully in waxed paper and should not be enough to spoil their appetites for breakfast. That extra half-hour nap is a luxury for the rest of the family, the kiddies are happy, and the day starts right.
    I will be implementing this strategy this Friday. I will try this every Friday night for 4 weeks. Wish me luck.

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Mornings

  1. I think this would work for the older two and they would LOVE IT……LOL. But my 14 month old unfortunately thinks 5:30 is an acceptable hour EVERY day! Maybe when she gets a bit older I might one day, perhaps, wishfully, prayerfully get to sleep in. Speaking of which right now she isn’t sleeping well anyway and I am functioninng on 4 or less hours per sleep a day…so if I ramble….you know why….LOL


  2. Country Girl At Heart says:

    Becky that is a good idea. My children are simply not organized enough to pull it off. My 5 year old thinks she is the boss and will probably end up snatching the cup of milk violently from the hand of one of the other children. All of this in effort of claiming to be helpful.Thus causing a chain reaction of screaming and hitting.


  3. Unfortunately, this won’t work for me since my husband and I like to take coffee dates on Saturday morning while the children sleep late. We catch up on the weeks news and just enjoy being with each other. And, it’s cheap! Less than $10 even at Starbucks 🙂

    God bless,


  4. Hmmm….that is an interesting idea. I already do something similar I guess. On Friday night I set out 3 small bowls of cereal covered in plastic wrap, and I leave 3 small glasses of milk (to pour on the cereal) on the lowest refrigerator shelf. So far, it has worked out great!

    Good luck to you on your new experiment. 🙂


  5. Good luck. 🙂

    I always let my kids eat whatever they wanted on Saturday mornings, so I could sleep in! LOL I’m a baaaad mommy 😉


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