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The Grandparents

My children are staying with their grandparents until Sunday. Believe it or not I get pretty emotional when my children are gone. I have even CRIED (I have issues ya’ll). My in-laws used to ask for my children at least once a month…and at one time they were keeping them every other weekend. I know that there are some women out there who would pay good money to get rid of their children for two weeks each month…but not me.

I still send the children to stay with thier grandparents but only for about four days every two months. We know that thier grandparents need time with them and they need time with thier grandparents. We appreciate all that they what they do for the children. Each time they go they come back refreshed. And four days is just enough for me to get some ME time in.

Since they’ve been gone I wrote out the entire lesson for next week. I usually write it out each morning. So I am glad about that 🙂 I also had time to give myself a pedicure and manicure. I went to the gym everyday this week except Thursday (it was pouring outside).

I‘m really enjoy adding these picture to my blogs. They are so inspiring and motivating. I’ll be adding prints to my post for a few weeks, so feel free to stop by and enjoy. All of these prints can be found a http://www.allposters.com/

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1 thought on “The Grandparents

  1. Aww. I have the same issues. I have been going to “Scrap Camp” (scrapbooking weekend retreat) for several years, and I always cry on Saturday night. LOL

    I always cry when my kids are away from me for more than two days and nights. One night, and I am good, though. teehee


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