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2 Birds with 1 Stone…Or should it be 6 Chickens?

I went to the hair salon today and paid $60 instead of $75. My hairstylist said it was because I didn’t need my ends trimmed (no split ends), nor a deep conditioner (no dry and brittle hair).

I have researched how to properly care for my hair and have found two great websites. I will list a link to both sites at the end of my post. These two sites specialize in how to properly care for Black hair and apparently they are working because my hair looks and feels great all the time.

You’ll find great tips on what ingredients add moisture to ethic hair and which one sap all of the moisture out. There’s information for everyone, whether you have locks, braids, natural or a relaxer.

If you are a black female and want to know which products to use to make your soft, manageable and long, simply click the links below.

Like I said I paid $60 instead of $75 for my relaxer, wash and set and saved $15 at the hair salon. Guess what I did with it…. You got it…I added more food to my pantry.

Baking powder
1 Whole Chicken (for my deep freezer)
2 lbs. of Thin Spaghetti
20 Flour Tortillas
30 oz. of Kidney Beans
1 Taco Bell Dinner Kit
2 lbs. 10 oz of Quick Rolled Oats
2 jars of Spaghetti Sauce
3 – 6oz. cans of Tomato Sauce
3 lbs of rice
Bread Crumb

I also did my grocery shopping today. While shopping I brought 6 whole chickens which I will be using to see if I can conquer this OAMC idea~Bulk Cooking: The Chicken Plan only on a smaller scale.

Hair Care Links

Treasured Locks (There’s great information on this main page. You can also click on the “hair” link at the top of the page)

Monica Mingo (just click on Healthy Hair Care on the side bar)

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4 thoughts on “2 Birds with 1 Stone…Or should it be 6 Chickens?

  1. My children are mixed, but I’m wondering if that would be good for their hair too. 🙂


  2. Country Girl At Heart says:

    I’m glad you tried the recipe Nina. I was just snaking on some last night. I love Granola from the fridge especially because it’s so crunchy. I also sprinkle it over vanilla yogurt.(not homemade)

    I tried hillbillyhousewife’s homemade yogurt recipe but it never thickened up.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Isaiah5513 says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and for the encouraging words.


  4. Hey Hadias, I made your peanut butter-granola recipe this morning and it was delicious! I love it because I know oats are healthy and inexpensive but we don’t like the mushiness of oatmeal. I have other granola recipes that are fine but they don’t turn out wonderfully chunky like yours – must be the peanut butter.
    Thanks for all the tips, your blog is a jewel!


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