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Charlotte Mason Examinations

A certain part of my day is dedicated to training, which involves reading about anything from books on homemaking to education. I read things that will help me become more effective in every area of my life, included my work as my children’s teacher.

For my training as their teacher I often read The Original Homeschool Series by Charlotte Mason. This is a wonderful place for anyone who is interested in the Charlotte Mason method to start.

One of my readers wanted to know more about CM exams and I would suggest you click on Thoughts on CM Exams to understand why some families choose to give their children examinations.

You can view Sample Exam Questions at Ambleside online, Higher-up and Further In as well as exams by grade.

I hope that this information is helpful.
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1 thought on “Charlotte Mason Examinations

  1. This is very helpful. I printed off the Thoughts on Exams and briefly visited the Original CM Series. I definitely want to start reading it, trying to decide whether to read online or print. Also, Ambleside Online looks like a goldmine of resources . I’m loosely using Well-Trained Mind method/suggestions already and it sounds like CM fits nicely with what I’m doing. I love getting new sources of info and ideas for school. Thanks a bunch!


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