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Family Conversation Starter

These questions come from this link (here’s the link). It was enclosed in a post that I read at Amy’s Humble Musings. The questions inspired me to write this post because my children thoughts are very important to me. As is their relationships with God, myself and their peers.

Some parents will be surprised to hear what their children answers are. Others will be reassured of what they have been instilling in their children all of this time.

I am a little nervous about questions number 5,7, and 8. I think my oldest child will say that I criticize more than encourage, she will probably say that I am more friendlier at church than at home, and probably say that I don’t love as much as she would like. She will say this simply because she is not able to do most things her peers are doing these days. Hopefully she will surprise me.

I am looking forward to asking all of my children these question during family time.

1.How are your devotions?

2.What is God teaching you?

3.In your own words, what is the gospel?

4.Is there a specific sin you’re aware of that you need my help defeating?

5.Are you more aware of my encouragement or my criticism?

6.What’s daddy most passionate about?

7.Do I act the same at church as I do when I’m at home?

8.Are you aware of my love for you?

9.Is there any way I’ve sinned against you that I’ve not repented of?

10.Do you have any observations for me?

11.How am I doing as a dad/mom?

12.How have Sunday’s sermons impacted you?

13.Does my relationship with mom/dad make you excited to be married?

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    2 thoughts on “Family Conversation Starter

    1. Country Girl At Heart says:

      My children do the same things as well from time to time. But know that you are blessed to be at home with them guiding thier actions and developing thier character. As a parent when you see this behavior you move into action to correct it. They will especially learn from you and your husbands cntinued examples of love, and respect for one another.

      I really enjoyed visiting the Nature link I found on your page. My children and I have really enjoyed doing Nature Journaling here at my house.

      Enjoy your weekend Sallie.


    2. We had to use some “conversation starters” today with our middle son. He was saying mean and hurtful things to his brother. It breaks your heart when they act like that at all, but especially to each other.

      God bless,


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