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This week I tried a new recipe using oat’s and peanut butter. These are staples that I always keep have in my cabinet and pantry. So I searched the internet for recipe’s that used both of these ingredients and found Hillbilly Housewife’sPeanut butter Granola .”

I usually go to her site first whenever I am looking for a new recipe because they are always inexpensive. From frequenting her site it seems that we keep similar ingredients on hand as well. The granola was delicious. I sprinkled it on yogurt and added milk to it to have for a breakfast cereal. Next time I will double the recipe so that I can keep some in the fridge. This recipe makes about 16oz. which we finished in about three days.

I am starting to build up my pantry for the winter. I have added a few things with some extra money that I had. To begin I received my single check rebate from Rite-Aid on a purchase I made in September. If you don’t know about rebates but have a Rite Aid in your area, stop by their site and check their rebate circular. Next… shop and then submit your receipts online. Finally, wait for your check. It’s that simple. I received $5 back on a $9 purchase.

The other free money was on a $9 return. I had brought some Hosta’s earlier this year that didn’t quite make it in my garden. My local garden center has a 1 year guarantee on their plants, so I dug them up and returned them. I wanted to buy some more Azalea’s like the one’s in this post but when I went to pick some up they had increased the price $1.00, so I just kept the refund. So now I have $14 in free money.

Next I had a $ 10 gift card for Kohl’s which brought me to a total of $24 in free money.

So Saturday I looked at a list that I keep to see what we needed for the house. I went to Kohl’s knowing that I would buy something for the kitchen. When I got to the store I went straight to the clearance section and found these Theory 18 pc. Beverage Set for %50 off. So $24.99- 50%=$12.95 – $10 gift card and $2.50 cash form the free money. Leaving me with $11.50 cash.

As I mentioned earlier, I am starting my pantry again so with the remaining money I went to the grocery stores and bought:

2 bottles”Sweet Baby Ray’s” at .99 cents each

4 boxes of 1 lb Ronzoni Pasta at .54 cents each

3 lbs of sweet onions for .99 cents each

5 lbs. of potatoes for .99 cents each

9 cans of black beans for .33 cents each

1 Cannoli for $1.75 ( I deserved it)

So my total came to $11.50 with tax.

Last but not least, when I was at one of the stores I saw that I could get 5lbs of flour with 2 “Greenbax” that I had accumulated from previous purchases. I took advantage of that deal as well and added the flour to my pantry.

I love to find and share great deals. If you know of any share them here. Also stop by Sallie’s Blog where she has a post with links on free stuff.

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3 thoughts on “Frugal Finds

  1. Country Girl At Heart says:

    I keep alot of black beans in my pantry as well Sallie. I make alot of Nachos, Tacos and Enchilladas.

    Brenda I keep milk in my pantry also because we drink powdered milk. It’s good to have even if you don’t drink it because it can be used for baking even if you don’t like the taste of it plain.

    Thanks for commenting ladies.


  2. We never used black beans until I started making chicken tortilla soup and now we have more of those in our pantry than anything because I have since also started making our chili with 3 beans instead of just kidneys. I’ve found kidney’s to be pretty expensive compared to black and white.

    My middle son loves granola so I am gonna try the recipe for peanut butter oatmeal granola too..

    Thanks for the link!!
    God bless,


  3. Anonymous says:

    You are smart to get your pantry built up! It can be such a lifesaver. My mother used the pantry principle, & there was seldom a time that she ran out of a staple food (obviously not things like milk & eggs). Anyway, I try to run things the same way here in my own home. Good post!



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