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Peace Be Still

Between today and yesterday it’s been a very draining experience in my household. My brother (who is 26) and his girlfriend got into an argument and as the argument grew more heated he told her that he wanted her to leave (in not so nice terms).

She came upstairs, and I could tell that she had been crying. She wanted to use my cell phone to call her mother. She told me that she was leaving. When I asked why, she said that he told her she had to leave. I took her to my room to talk and my husband went outside to talk with my brother. While I explained to her that she could stay, my husband talked to him about taking responsibility for his family and the argument and also talked about not making irrational decisions while angry. They soon began arguing again shortly following our trying to defuse the situation.

Finally, he told her again that he wanted her out. So her and my niece left here on the Greyhound, no more than 30 minutes after the argument. It will take them seventeen hours to get home. I asked her to try to think rationally about her decision. I told that she could stay and that we would still help her get on her feet. I told her that her and my niece could have the room and that I would have my brother sleep on the couch, but she was to angry with my brother to stay another minute. So my brother went to work and my husband dropped my brother’s girlfriend and my niece off at the Greyhound.

My brother wound up leaving this morning as well. He packed most of his things and left without saying a word. I don’t know if he is heading back to his home state or has gone to stay with my mother across town. I assume that when he is ready he will contact my husband and I. My husband said that we would give him till the weekend to clear his mind. But if he doesn’t come back or contact us, then we have done all that we will do and he wont have the invitation of coming back and living with us.

I was upset to see my niece leave and I was frustrated with my brother and his girlfriend, but their lives are their responsibility. We presented them with other options than the one’s they chose but ultimately the final decision was theirs. I wish them God’s grace and mercy. I am very happy to have my home back with just myself, my husband and children.


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2 thoughts on “Peace Be Still

  1. Sybil Spicer says:

    My daddy always said. A home is never big enough for two families. You need your space and some people need to grow up!


  2. Anonymous says:

    It takes some people a very long time to grow up…& some never do. Perhaps once your brother’s anger has cooled some, he will be able to think more rationally. Whether this will mean he tries again with his girlfriend or not…only God knows. Or perhaps they really are better off apart.

    For you & yours, I am happy things have quieted down.



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