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Reduce Your Grocery Bill

The author of orgjunkie.com asked if her readers would share some money saving menu tips. I’m pretty sure most of my regular readers already do many of the things that I’ll have listed below, but for those finding thier way to my blog via orgjunkies Menu Plan Monday post, sit back and read your way to the savings.

I am a mother and wife to a family of 6, including myself. My goal for the next 12 months is to feed my family on $40.00 a week. I currently spend $60 but I have found that when I follow grocery and menu planning priciples I am able to buy what we need with $50.

With the $10 savings I’ve begun to stock up my pantry. I have begun keeping a pantry, because I believe that by stocking the pantry with staples while they are on sale, I am able to get more for my money. When things are on sale I am able to purchase double what I would have bought at regular price. Listed below you will see what I have done to decrease my spending by $10.00.
#1 – I start my shopping trip in my refrigerator, freezer and pantry. I look to see what meat, grains and veggies I have on hand.

#2 – I plan my menus a week at a time and buy only what I need. Once I’ve figured out what I have I then start filling in my menu with what’s on sale at my local grocer. This only works is if I know the true price and off season price for items. The best way to track this is with a price book if it too difficult to remember.

#3- I’ve learned that by cooking from scratch as well as bulk cooking often saves time and money. I have a double batch mentality which means that whenevr I cook I’m always thinking do I have time to make to batches and do I have the storgae space. So when I’m cooking one meal I’m actually thinking about two or even three different meals. This allows me to prep in advance for future meals.

#4 – I always purchase extra produce for the freezer and freeze it before it goes bad. I dice, slice and chop fresh veggies like onions and peppers and freeze them individually on a flat surface and then pop them in baggies.

#5 – Purposely plan leftovers. If the this is not a money and time saver I don’t know what is. I love having a hearty dinner meal in the middle of the afternoon, especially on a Friday which is a relaxation day for us.

Not only have these tips reduced my grocery bill but they have saved me alot of time in the kitchen. The time that I save in the kitchen allows more time for me to spend enjoying my family.

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  1. I wish I could get into the habit of dicing and slicing my veggies and freezing them. Very helpful post! 🙂


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