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Who Can Find A Virtuous Women?

I have been commissioned to apply the following principles to my life. They can be found Proverbs 31:10-31. I at times struggle with each of the following principles.

There are times when sleep is more alluring than rising, while it is still dark. And rebellion seems to be a much sweeter temptation, when I disagree with my husbands decisions. But I have decided to surrender to the will of God. I have chosen to be obedient to my calling as a women, wife and mother. Below are the standards that I use as a measuring stick for a life of Godly excellence.

Proverbs 31:10-31

The virtuous women…

v 10- is priceless

v 11- encourages and helps her husband increase and prosper financially

v 12- treats her husband good everyday

v 13- purchases and cares for the families clothes (washing, mending, ironing, etc.)

v 14- shops for, plans and prepares meals

v 15- is up before the sun preparing meals for her husband, children and housekeepers

v 16- is an investor, who after careful consideration makes wise purchases

v 17- is physically fit and strong

v 18- is confident of what she has to offer. She prepares, plans ahead and is organized in her tasks or responsibilities

v 19- is crafty and able to make useful things at home

v 20- is a giver

v 21- is confident that the salvation in Jesus Christ covers the members of her household

v 22- knows that her clothing is more than outward apparel. It is an outward display of femininity and royalty

v 23- is married to a honorable and respectable man

v 24- she is also crafty and talented enough at her craft to earn a profit for her work

v 25- chooses modest clothing and knows that her clothing represents more than just earthly garments but is also an outward expression of her strength and honor

v 26- speaks with wisdom and kindness

v 27- supervises and manages her household and is not lazy

v 28- knows that she is virtuous because her children and husband verbally praise her

v 29- gives her best by surrendering to the will of God

v 30- puts her faith in God and not in fleshly beauty and charm

v 31- is given authority over her responsibilities, and receives joy from doing them

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1 thought on “Who Can Find A Virtuous Women?

  1. My husband has went through my Bibles and marked this passage with special things for me.. it lets me know how special he thinks I am.. I am always blessed when I find something new written by him.


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