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Year 1 Term 1 Examinations

This exam is for my 5 y.o. kindergartener


Copy the sentence on the board in your best handwriting.

Write letters Aa-Mm in your best handwriting


If I have ten guests coming for dinner but only six clean forks, how many more will I need to wash?

Write the numbers 1-10 in your best handwriting

Count from 1-100


Tell me about the story Daddy Long Legs


Do 10 jumping jacks without pausing

Do 5 push ups

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1 thought on “Year 1 Term 1 Examinations

  1. Country Girl At Heart says:

    I love the CM learning style. It suits my natural style of learning so well. I read to learn and if I provide the children with quality books then they will learn what they need to suit there individual callings in life.

    My goal is not to point out what they don’t know but to allow them to showcase what they do know.

    If you want you can read more on Charlotte Mason by googling Ambleside online


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