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Year 2 Term 1 Examinations

We have two weeks until exam time and here is the exam for my 7 y.o. 2nd grader


Choose two questions per day that you will write (or draw) about. The rest you may give oral narrations. Turn in your answers each day with your exam questions. Be neat and watch your capitalization, punctuation and spelling. This is your time to show what you know. Have fun!


Tell me what happened in Genesis 3

Tell me about a new story that you read this year from the Old Testament


Parables from Nature:

Tell one of the following stories and also what it means.

A Lesson of Faith, The Law of Authority and Obedience, The Unknown Land and Knowledge Not the Limit of Belief

List 10 insects or animals that live in our community

Tell me about the life cycle of a Spittle bug


Show me where the Roman Empire was on the World Map.

Describe the route of Christopher Columbus’s voyage. (as you would tell somebody where to look on a map).


Stories from Roman History:

Tell me what you remember about Romulus and Remus

Tell me what you know about William Shakespeare or Rosa Parks


Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare:

Tell the story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Recite I Peter 5


Tell me the words that you know in Spanish and translate in English.


Turn in your notebook.

Show me three ways to use coins to count out your allowance of $1.00

Show me three ways to use bills to count out your allowance of $15.00

Take a timed multiplication test Mom will give you.


What can you tell me about Langston Hughes?

Name one of his poems and describe how it makes you feel.


Tell about Giotto, choose one of his paintings and tell why it’s your favorite.


Sing one of your Christmas songs from your play.


Fill in the states you know on a blank map of America


Draw a picture showing 2 metaphors and 2 similes.


Please read a paragraph from ‘Charlotte’s Web’ in your best voice.


Copy 2 sentences from ‘Charlotte’s Web’ in your best handwriting.


Do 70 jumping jacks without pausing

Do 10 push ups

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6 thoughts on “Year 2 Term 1 Examinations

  1. Hadias,
    I’ve been looking for a way to see what my girls are retaining without using the traditional ‘test format’. This looks very interesting. Where did you get the guidelines for your examinations? Did you come up with the questions yourself? I’m kind of familiar with the CM philosophy but not aware of many resources for using it. Thanks for any info you can give.


  2. Country Girl At Heart says:

    Hey Lindafay~ I definately think that examinations are imporatant for my family. I ask them questions regarding things that they have learned twelve weeks ago.
    I want to know what they are retaining long term. I know that they are able to narrate a story that they read within the last two weeks, but do they remember what they learned twelve weeks ago.

    Examinations also give their father and I a chance to sit down and discuss what they have learned overall. And also to see if I am affectively teaching it to them.

    Lastly it gives them a chance to put together what I would compare to a resume. It allows them to present themselves, both thier strengths and weaknesses.

    I am in no way a CM expert, but I do know that examinations are part of the CM learning style. So this year we will incorperate it into our homeschooling.

    I think each parent has to choose what they belive is best for thier children. I think that the pressure of performance is something that I want my children to experience. I want them to desire to focus the first twelve weeks so that they can shine during examination week.


  3. These look wonderful. I think Becky above may be confusing testing with CM examinations. They are not the same thing, are they? I abhore testing, as well.


  4. Our Red House says:

    I am extremely impressed by the examination you have set your 7 year old and what it says about the detail and range of your curriculum. Well done!


  5. Country Girl At Heart says:

    Thank you~Becky. I am impressed with you as well. I think that you are an exceptional mom. I think you really love what you do and love the people that you are doing it for.

    Thank you continuing to visit my blog. I really appreciate it. I enjoy reading and commenting on your blog. I enjoy reading about your children and all of your adventures in mothering.


  6. I haven’t done any examinations and I don’t have any plans to. One of the reasons I decided to homeschool was to avoid constant testing. 🙂 I may revisit that at a later date, but I am aware of what he knows at this point and I glean quite a bit from just speaking with him and hearing him narrate. I can see his improvement daily and since I am not required to test, I haven’t put much thought into it. Other than math. I test him after each unit of Math-U-See before moving on to the next level.

    I am very impressed by all that you do. I seem to waffle in between feeling like I do not do enough and feeling like I do too much. I hear this is normal.


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