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Year 8 Term 1 Examinations

We have two weeks until “Examination Week”. This is the exam, based upon the “Charlotte Mason” method, that I will be giving my 13 y.o. 8th grader. This will be her first time taking exams in this fashion. I am excited to see the results.


Half of your answers may be written and the other half may be typed. Be neat and avoid vague answers. Try to use new vocabulary that you came across in your readings this term as much as possible. You will be graded for detail, punctuation, capitalization, spelling and writing style. Allow yourself approx. 20 minutes per answer. This is your time to show what you know. Have fun.


Turn in your notebook of personal Bible reflections.

Describe in detail the kind of woman you wish to become.


Parables from Nature:

Tell two of the following stories and also what they mean A Lesson of Faith, The Law of Authority and Obedience, The Unknown Land and Knowledge Not the Limit of Belief

Name and describe 3 insects or animals that we learned about this year

Tell about the life cycle of the Spittle bug. Be detailed.

List 10 animals indigenous to our community.


Choose 2 of the following people and tell me what you know about them.

Julius Ceasar, Romulus and Remus, William Shakespeare, Hannibal, Horatius and Caius Marcuius Coriolanus.


Why did the American Revolution happen?

How is the American Revolution different from the War in Iraq?

How did the Declaration of Independence come about?


Tales from Shakespeare:

Tell the story of The Tempest, A Midsummer Nights Dream or Winters Tale

Pilgrim’s Progress:

What is the story about? Explain what an allegory is and how the story is an allegory

In His Steps:

What is the moral of this story and why is it important?


Recite I Peter 5


Recite the words that you know in Spanish and translate in English.


Turn in your notebook. Take a timed unit review test Mom will give you.


What can you tell me about Langston Hughes?

Name one of his poems and describe how it makes you feel.


Describe two works in detail from Giotto and tell me about his life.


Label the states on a blank U.S Map


What do you think is the most important event you have read this term? Why?Write about this event as if it were a short newspaper article.


Do 100 jumping jacks without pausing

Do 20 push ups


Tell me about the book “Real Citizenship”

What is your role in government as a Christian believer?


Find 5 similes and 5 metaphors in the Bible

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