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You Are What You Eat

I really find emense joy in preparing foods from scratch. I am satisfied knowing that my family is not consuming sugar, perservatives and artificial flavorings if I can help it. This week I have been teaching my children to stock a pantry by budgeting, researching and making wise investments. I’ve also showed them how to double and meals and prep food in order to conserve time and energy in the kitchen.

This week they’ve added to the freezer 22 twice baked potatoes, 24 pancakes, 4 dozen oatmeal cookies (We ran out of raisins) and a 9×13 sheet of Banana Bread cut into squares. They also made 12 oz. of Taco/Enchilada Mix (minus the oil) , Apple Juice Syrup and are working on Grape Juice Syrup tonight.

We meant to make some more Peanut Butter Granola but saw that we were out of butter and margerine. We also took the time to mix the dry ingredients for 24 Ice Box Biscuits . They placed the dry mix in a ziploc bag and when we’re ready we’ll simply add 2 eggs, 1 1/2 cups of milk and 2 sticks of butter. We’ll bake 12 and freeze the other 12.

I won’t be able to buy anything for the pantry this week because we had a unexpected $300.00 car repair (alternator) and it’s also the week that I am scheduled to get my hair done. I get a relaxer every 9-10 weeks which cost me $75.00. I tried to get my husband to let me reschedule but he refused. He is a stickler about my hair looking nice, and he keeps me from putting myself last. Had it been left up to me I would use the money for the pantry or a bill.

Teaching my children how to prepare made from scratch meals will not only keep them healthy but will also save them money.
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2 thoughts on “You Are What You Eat

  1. Country Girl At Heart says:

    Thank you for stopping by Erin. I think that you are doing a great job saving money with coupons. I really like your blog.


  2. Yummm! I’m starting to prepare more foods from scratch and love trying new recipes. Thanks for all the ideas.


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