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5 Steps to a Healthier You

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With prayerful consideration I made the decision to eat healthy so that I could have more energy. I began my journey with a book by Sharon Broer and Dr. Ted Broer called “The Maximum Energy Cookbook”. In the book they explain in lamens term how all those hard to pronounce ingredients negatively effect the body. I have compiled these steps for myself which has helped me tone up my body, become stronger and more energetic.

Step #1~ All Poly’s, Hydro’s and Mono’s are No, No’s

Any foods that contain hydrogenated or poly unsaturated anything should be eliminated. These are just tricky names for oils which are high in fat. And anytime you see Mono and Dyglycerides on a label choose substitute option for that particular product.

Step #2~ Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

In order to counteract fat and to build muscle you must burn off calories and strengthen the muscle. The only way to successfully burn calories and build muscle in a healthy manner is to do Cardio and Strength training. Cardio is any activity that raises the heart rate and strength training involves lifting weights of various size repetitively. To keep the muscles soft and flexible stretching must be included in your workout schedule. Stretching can be achieved through Pilate’s or Yoga.Exercises should be scheduled like any other daily or weekly appointment.
Step#3~Make Healthy Beverage Choices

The one thing that I found hurt my health tremendously was not drinking enough water. You ask “Well how many cups of water should I drink per day?” The easiest answer is to allow your body to determine how much is enough. When your urine is clear that’s when you have drank enough water. Also drinking 100% fruit juice is a healthier choice than fruit drinks, caffeinated teas and sodas. And if you can tolerate it drinking powdered, goats, fat free, skim, 1% or 2% milk is best. It’s the better choice because it’s lower in fat with powdered milk being fat free and least expensive per gallon in most cities.

Step #4~Eliminate Eating After 7PM
This is one of the main components to feeling healthy and looking great. I mentioned that calories have to be burned by doing Cardio (rigorous activity that raises the heart rate) but after 7pm, unless you plan on going to the gym, you won’t have time to burn off the calories before bed. And calories that are not burned are stored in the body as fat.
Step#5~Make Healthy Food Choices

Meat is one of the hardest food for the body to digest. Pork and beef being the hardest and chicken and fish being the easiest. Meats that are hard to digest if eaten for dinner will remain in our stomachs overnight. It takes about 2-3 hours for a meatless meal to digest, but when you incorporate meat in a meal after 7 pm, with no heart rate raising physical activity, it will take longer to digest even up to 24 hours. A small change could be a meatless dinner night or instead of 2lbs of ground meat for Spaghetti, use 1lb and substitute with veggies. Also choose leaner meats like fish and chicken.
I am no medical professional so you must pray for God’s guidance in making the best decision for you.
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1 thought on “5 Steps to a Healthier You

  1. Milehimama says:

    I’ve found that adding a zinc/magnesium supplement helps greatly, as well.

    There is an actual condition called Pyroluria that is caused by zinc and Bvitamin deficiency – that’s why years ago when docs would give people B12 shots it helped them get more energy. B6 and B12 help with zinc metabolism.

    I’m interested to hear more! We’ve been on a journey to eat more healthfully and my current project is to eliminate trans fats and partially hydrogenated fats.


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