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How many Christmas trees are you decorating this year?

I didn’t grow up Christian. I was raised in a muslim family. My parents converted to Islam when they first began dating, so I didn’t grow up with any Christmas trees during Christmas time.

Whenever I would visit family members during the holiday season they would have a tree decorated somewhere in their home. But lately I have been seeing and hearing people speak of decorating multiple Christmas trees including in their children’s bedrooms. If you decorate a tree for Christmas how many do you decorate? Please leave a comment.

BTW…we will be decorating just one.

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4 thoughts on “How many Christmas trees are you decorating this year?

  1. We do one tree. I know many people who do multiple trees and I think it’s a sign of the times–everything’s over the top these days….if one’s good, two’s better.
    However, I can see having a couple of trees if you have, say a basement den where the family spends most of their time, but also want a tree upstairs by the window to be seen from the road. We don’t have that setup here, and I really don’t have anywhere I could put up a another tree if I wanted too, but that’s ok. I think when you only have one, it makes the one you have more special.


  2. Anonymous says:

    We do one bigger one, a small skinny one in the piano room (I put birds & musical things on that one), & a tabletop tree for the dining room. I get kind of a kick out of putting up the trees, & it’s not real stressful because the kids help me with them. In fact, they do the big one practically by themselves.



  3. Country Girl At Heart says:

    I don’t know either Becky. I am hoping that some of my readers can shed some light on this unusual tradition.


  4. We have only ever had just one. My goodness, why would a child need on in their room? I am a little baffled by that one! 🙂


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