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Menu Plan Monday

Hush puppies
BBQ meatballs with baked sweet potatoes

Chinese Chicken, steamed rice and green beans

Hush puppies
Pattie Melts and Hash browns

Split pea soup with fry bread
Chicken fajitas, spanish rice and beans (black or garbanzo)

Cheesy grits
Egg salad
Fried Chicken with mashed sweet potatoes

French toast
BBQ chiken thighs with mashed potatoes

Eggs with grits and cheese
Mac and cheese
Chicken fried rice with sweet and spicy chicken wings

Grocery List

$1.98 rice 6 lbs.
$1.78 frozen apple juice 24 oz.
$3.00 whole chicken 4.35 lbs.
$2.00 leg quarters 5 lbs.
$1.78 ground turkey 2 lbs.
$1.00 flour 5lbs.
$1.45 sweet potatoes 5 lbs.
$1.89 oil 48 oz.
$1.50 whole rolled oats
$1.98 sugar 5lbs.
$2.40 eggs 2 doz.
$3.50 2% milk gallon
$2.00 chilli powder
$2.00 sara lee whole wheat bread 2 loaves
.45 diced tomatoe 14 oz.
.30 green bell pepper
.79 tortilla wraps 10 pk.
.45 canned green beans 14.6 oz.
$30.25 subtotal
$1.82 6% tax
$32.06 total grocery bill

Grocery Budget for a family of 6 for one week: $60.00
$60.00 – $32.06 = $27.94 leftover to fill pantry

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8 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Country Girl At Heart says:

    Hey Becky. Check out http://www.Aldi.com

    Once there you will need to choose your country and state to find out if there is a store in your area.

    Aldi carries many generic items that are comparable to the name brand products. They don’t take coupons because their prices are already so low.

    I am not brand name loyal so I am able to save on many staples such as canned goods, baking goods, grains and dairy products.


  2. Country Girl At Heart says:

    Hey~Becky. Aldi has been a Godsend. Otherwise I couldn’t afford to eat.

    Hey~Nina. I have a picky bunch especially hubby. At first he was very resistant to the change in food choices but as he see’s his waistline shrink right along with the grocery bill, he’s become more compliant.

    Hey~Hopewell. I did get the celery for .50 at Walmart. Thank you very much. I will be chopping and freezing some of it for later use.

    I will also be stopping by to get that recipe. I don’t have a waffle maker but I would like to see if that recipe could be altered to make sweetpotatoe pancakes.

    Sweet potatoe prices were great this week only .25 a pound. So I bought 5 or so pounds for about $1.50.

    Hey~Anne. My children were out of town all of last week so I was able to spend most of last weeks budget on extra meat for the freezer. Leaving a large chunk of this weeks grocery budget for stocking up.

    My children wil be going out af town once again the week leading up to Christmas. During that week I will stock the freezer with meats again.

    All who have visited with me thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your comments.


  3. Oh my! Where in the world do you shop to get those prices? There is no way I could spend anything close to that, even with sales and coupons. I have never seen green peppers for 30 cents! Or the prices on anything like that here. *sigh* I hate living in an expensive city. My niece was visiting for the holiday and complaining about how much more food was.


  4. Wow- great job on the grocery bill. I’m trying to cut back but it’s discouraging because I live in a house of picky eaters, and my husband is the pickiest one, so we’re not really on the same page as far as eating cheap. Still, I’ve been seeing ways I can save, just not as much as I could if everyone ate anything I put in front of them 🙂


  5. HopewellMomSchool says:

    Good job! Green Pepper for 30 cents–excellent. Did you catch the 50 cent celery at Wal-Mart? My kids devoured it with peanut butter for a snack yesterday! Since I went wild on pb a while back I only had to “pay” for the celery! I also noticed Aldis 3 pack of rainbow peppers is now a “pair” of peppers….

    I will be posting another frugal recipe tonight[if I get to it!!] with my MPM post–Sweetpotato waffles.


  6. Once Upon a Dream... says:

    Frugal! I’m learning this lovely concept. Your menu looks good!


  7. Wow- super thrifty! Way to go! I’m feeing six as well and have been trying to cut down too. Have a wonderful week! 🙂


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