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Home Making in February Unit Study: The Dining Room

Below is a guide to my February homeschool unit study on the dining room. Below you will find an outline of what I focus on in this unit of homemaking 101.
*Each place setting should include knife, fork, spoons, napkins, glass, salt and pepper, and a butter plate.
*Knives should be placed with blade facing towards the left, and napkin with corner at upper right hand.
*Children must demonstrate ability to carry dishes without placing them against there clothes. (age 7 and up)
*They must also learn to hold the eating utensil by nothing but the handles.
*They must also learn to set drinking glasses at the table without putting their fingers inside of the cups or glasses.
*They are also taught to dress the table with a tablecloth, placemats and a centerpiece.
Hands on Activity
*Each child is allowed to choose things such as charges, glass cake dishes, foliage particular to the season, pebbles, fruit and things such as candles. They are allowed the opportunity to create a centerpiece appealing to them. (age 5 and up)
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