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Liver…Hate it or Love it

How do you cook your liver?

Do you use calf or beef liver?

Do you have a problem getting yur family to eat it?

My family loves my liver and onions but it’s not something we eat every week. Liver is on the menu every 8 weeks. Any more frequent then that and it just seems wrong. But after an 8 week strech liver with onions simmered in gravy over steamed rice or mashed potatoes…


I cook it 2 hours so that it’s tender. I think that the Magic is in the seasoning and simmering. A well seasoned piece of liver does the body good.I coat them in flour seasoned with salt, pepper and lawry’s seasoning. I fry’em up in a shallow pan of oil until golden brown.

I remove all of the liver fom the pan and set aside. I leave a couple of table spoon worth of oil in the pan for the gravy. I use it to saute the onions.
I then remove the onions and add a tiny bit more oil for the gravy.

I add a couple of spoons of flour (maybe four or five tablespoons worth) and stir. I pour in a bit of stock (chicken or beef) and continue to stir. I keep the heat on low or it will thicken way to fast. Once it is the consistancy of say soupy pudding pour in the rest of the stock. The gravy will be watery but will thicken later.

I add the liver back to the pan and cover or layer a baking dish with the liver and then pour the gravy over the top. I then stick in the over on 300 degrees for 2 hours.

They come out so tender whether on top of the stove or in the oven. I’ll bet that they can even be simmered in a crock pot. I’ve just never done it. If they are cooked on top of the stove, water will need to be added to keep the gravy from thickening to soon.

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  1. My hubby loved liver and onions, but I can only get it past the kids about once a month : )


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